Technical Note: 20080520006

AccuVIEW 1 Setup (AV150i)

(Maitre'D and later versions of Maitre'D)

Here is the Texas Digital setup for the old style AccuVIEW Order Confirmation Board, through the CVM.

Note: Make sure to have a current version of the CVM software. The latest one is Version L.
  1. Connect the DB9 MALE to the back of the Auto-Switch box (PC PORT) and the DB9 FEMALE to your PC COM port.

  1. Launch the AccuVIEW 2.1 Software

  1. Click DISPLAY / SETUP

  1. Click ADD

  1. In the Name field, enter TEST

Note: Leave Serial Line Address and Off-line the way they are.
  1. Click OK

  1. Double click on the display name you just created (TEST)

  1. The communication with the AccuVIEW will start.

  1. Once it is complete a box will pop-up

  1. Click the UTILITIES tab

  2. Click UPLOAD FILE

  1. Browse to the AVX44.exe file

  1. Click OPEN

  2. Click OK

  1. The UPLOAD to the AccuVIEW will begin.

  1. This should take about 30 to 60 minutes.

Note: Do NOT TURN OFF or DISRUPT the communication with the AccuVIEW while the file is being uploaded. If you do, the AccuVIEW will no longer work. 
  1. Once Completed the AccuVIEW will reboot.   

  2. After the AccuView has restarted, launch the AccuVIEW 2.1 Software again, and click DISPLAY / SETUP

  3. Double click on the TEST display name again.   

  1. The communication will restart.   

  1. Click the UTILITIES tab


  1. In the text field, enter the "~dp40" command. (without the quotes)

  1. Click SEND.  

  1. Disconnect the DB9 cable from the Auto-Switch and from the PC and connect the DB25-Cable to the back of the Auto-Switch and the DB9 to the PC.

  1. You can then setup the AccuVIEW in Maitre'D