Technical Note: 20011004078

Hold and Fire

(Maitre'D 2002, and later versions of Maitre'D)
Maitre'D has the ability to do hold and fire orders. When ordering items, you can enter a time before the order is fired (sent) to the kitchen, or have an automatic delay applied for each division. When exiting the table, the time will start decreasing. Once the time reaches 0, the Back-Office will print the items on the shared printers.


Touch the Hold option to apply a delay before the order is fired.
Items selected displays the countdown time before the item is sent to the kitchen.
You can also touch the Fire button to override the delay applied, and send the selected items to the kitchen immediately.

P.O.S. Control / Employees / Configuration /Order


Enable this option to enter a Hold delay manually before the items are sent to the kitchen.


Enable this option to allow access to the Fire button to manually override send the items to the shared printers before the delay is expired.

P.O.S. Control / Screens / Screen Layout Setup / Command Setup, and / or
P.O.S. Control / Screens / Preferential Screen Setup / Command Setup, and / or
P.O.S. Control / Screens / Macro / CMD List Setup / CMD List

To make these buttons available, under the Other Commands type, choose the Hold and Fire Commands.

Automatic Hold

Maitre'D can also automatically apply a delay set in each division. Items display the countdown time without having to enter a delay for each item.

P.O.S. Control / Employees / Configuration /Order


Enable this option to Automatically Hold and Fire items according to the pre-defined time set in the divisions.

P.O.S. Control / Revenue Center / Division

Auto Hold:

Enter the number of Minutes that Back-Office waits before sending items from this division to the shared printer.  
Note: To specify the wait between each time the workstation checks if a Hold and Fire Delay has expired, under the C:\Posera\MaitreD\Data directory, in the Pos??.ini file of each workstation, add the following configuration key and value:


where S is the number of seconds.  A value of 0 (zero) disables this function.